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MGI Golf – The Leader in Electric Golf Caddies

Golf is one of the oldest sports around, its origins, dating back hundreds of years. And now that we’re in the technological age, golf gear innovations have made gameplay all the more enjoyable. MGI has been a leader in game-changing electric golf caddies for nearly 30 years now. Now with the release of the revolutionary Zip Series, electric caddy range, they’ve taken it to the next level. This one-of-a-kind remote-controlled caddy has almost single-handedly brought the game to the 21st century seeing players upgrade from push and pull carts to this new compact caddie.

The Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy features a full directional remote control that allows it to glide across the course at your command. Control the speed remotely while the automatic downhill speed control and patented gyroscope track the electric caddie on a straight line across any terrain. The gyroscopic straight tracking technology ensures that your caddie goes where you point it and compensates and self-corrects as needed on its journey. This is completely independent of the player, allowing you to focus on the game. The Zip Navigator Sports two 230 watts calibrated motors for optimum power and agility and is powered by 36 hole 24-volt 380-watt lithium battery to ensure your caddy goes the distance.

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