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Woodventure – Home Accessories That Stand Out

Here at Newswatch, we love home accessories that add a touch of innovation, and nobody’s doing that better than WoodVenture. Combining utility with design in all their unique products, WoodVenture’s home decor items is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Their Smart LED Torch is a unique wooden lamp with a modern torch look. Mount to any wall or wield it as a torch to guide you through the dark.

It features an infrared as well as a photosensitive sensor that allows it to light up when motion is detected. The Smart Lantern Light is equally impressive. The lantern-inspired ambient light transforms into different shapes, helping it serve multiple functions. The compact design means you can take it with you anywhere and use it as a bedside lamp, to hang on your porch, or take with you on an evening stroll.

Its versatile design continues with three different brightness levels for just the right setting. Then there’s the Smart Folding Light, made of two magnetic wooden ends with sturdy paper to connect them. This accordion-style light allows you to fold the light into multiple shapes. Three different color modes, cozy warm, modern cold, and fading make it perfect for any mood. Purchase yours today by heading to woodventure.com

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