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9Spokes – Tools To Help You Business Better

Data is the number one asset at the disposal of any company, especially in this digital age. Harnessing that data and using it to build towards success is possible, but only with the right tools. 9Spokes seeks to empower businesses to better manage their performance with robust digital tools that provide all relevant information and knowledge for success.

With the Track tool, you’re creating a dashboard that allows you to gain a 360-degree view of the company’s performance metrics. Accounting, marketing, inventory, it’s all here in one place, ready for you to make the right decisions based on up-to-date and relevant information.

Then, there’s Connect, which allows you to, well, connect all your apps, tools, services, and bank feeds, and even purchase new apps that propel your business forward, while Cashflow Manager supports everything you need to make quick cash flow decisions. There’s no shortage of data-driven solutions to help your business grow. But 9Spokes doesn’t just cover the business angle. They’re also a digital business partner, providing open data so that others can create solutions for businesses and financial institutions.

Find out more about leveraging data for business success by visiting 9spokes.com today.

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