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All33 – A Healthier Way To Sit

You hear so much about how a good mattress that offers comfort and support is important for your health. And that’s true, but don’t forget, you spend just as long sitting in a chair throughout the day. So, choosing the right chair is equally as important. The problem with chairs is they keep you inactive all day, negatively affecting your body and health. Well, you’re gonna want to sit down for this one. We found the best chair out there, the BackStrong by All33, with patented Sit In-Motion technology.

The fact is we’re sitting more and more every day. This is simply not good for us. There’s a whole host of issues that can arise from sitting for long periods of time, as we’re sure you’re aware if you sit for your job at a computer all day. So, we decided to create a new chair, a chair that actually allows your body to move the way it is supposed to. This is something that will help you improve your posture and make you feel good. We created something that is now our patented Sit In Motion technology.

It allows you to move actually all 33 of your vertebrae while you sit, so you can feel energized, get more circulation going, have better digestion, and have better breath. So, you feel energized and more focused at the end of the day. We’ve been really excited to see just the tons and tons of feedback we’re getting from thousands of people all over the place, with really many life-changing results that relate to not only just feeling better at the end of the day, but especially escaping back pain. It’s thrilling for us to be able to help so many people, ’cause that’s really our mission, to change the way people sit and help you feel better at the end of the day.

Feel good in and out of your chair with BackStrong. Purchase yours by heading over to all33.com.

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