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Dr. Fredericks Original – Practical Products For Real Healing

The human body is complex. And because of that, common ailments, pain, and maladies seem nearly impossible to fix. Thankfully, there are people like those at Dr. Frederick’s Original, who are dedicated to helping us solve our physical problems so that we can get back to enjoying life.

Dr. Frederick’s Original is focused on creating practical products to help with common health issues experienced by millions of people every day. Their compression gloves are used by those suffering from hand conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Raynaud’s. Now, the gloves provide an extra layer of warmth to soothe painful hands and improve circulation while also providing gentle compression to help reduce swelling.

There are four versions of this remarkable glove: fingerless, grippy, copper fingerless, and copper full finger. Each offers a different experience. For example, the fingerless gloves allow you to interact with touchscreens, type on your computer, or engage in any other number of fine motor activities, while the copper compression gloves are designed for lighter, more activewear. Now Dr. Frederick’s offers a get back to its guarantee. So if these gloves don’t help to alleviate hand pain in 30 days or less, you can return or exchange them.

Purchase yours today by visiting DrFredericksOriginal.com.

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