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Danavation – Digital Smart Labels Are The Future

Retailers have seen tons of technological innovation in recent years, including self-checkout and contactless payments. But one area that continues to cause problems is updating and managing price labels. Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ enable retailers, grocers, healthcare providers, and manufacturing and logistic companies to automate labeling, pricing, product information, and even promotions, all in real-time.

Gone are the days when precious man hours are burned up creating and switching out paper labels across the whole operation, just to have to do it again a week later. These Digital Smart Labels™ sync perfectly with ERP and POS systems for the most accurate information in the blink of an eye. In addition to doing away with the hassle of managing all of your operation’s labels, they also engage the customer right at the shelf and have proven to increase basket size.

Between cutting labor costs, eliminating inaccurate pricing, and boosting the customer experience, Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ are the smart choice. Step into the future with automated shelf labeling that allows you to concentrate on growing your business. Learn more about Digital Smart Labels™ by visiting Danavation.com today.

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