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Integral Hockey – Keep Your Stick In The Game for Longer

Anyone playing hockey either recreationally or professionally knows that breaking sticks is just part of the game. In fact, professional hockey teams can break as many as 500 pro sticks per season. And what’s worse is sometimes you break your favorite stick and find out that it has been discontinued. Thankfully, there’s Integral Hockey Stick Sales and Repair to the rescue. Now, with over 80 locations throughout the US and Canada, their patented technology used to repair broken hockey sticks help players save a lot of money.

They know that every stick is repairable and even offer a lifetime warranty on repairs to back up that claim. To date, Integral Hockey Stick Sales and Repair have saved the North American hockey community over $20 million in stick costs and have recycled well over 100,000 sticks. Now, local players can’t typically buy pro stock sticks from retail stores. Integral, however, collects broken pro stock sticks repairs them, and sells them as refurbished pro stocks. And what’s more, they sell them at a steal. Up to 70% off retail prices.

With best-in-class repairs, they’re preserving the dynamics of the stick, making sure it retains the flex, balance, weight, and kick points. So when you hit the ice, it’s like you’re shooting with a new stick. With any proper repair, you’re going to add a little weight to the stick. But at Integral, they don’t use plugs. Making the weight addition so nominal, it doesn’t affect the performance at all. All of their shop repairs are completely hollow and designed to flex through the entire repair area. Purchase refurbished hockey sticks or bring your favorite stick in for a quality repair at Integral Hockey Stick Sales and Repair. The company’s motto is Don’t Throw It Away, Keep It In Play. Find a location near you by visiting IntegralHockey.com today.

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