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Vayyar – 3D Imaging Technology | NewsWatch Review

Imagine if you, your doctor,  or a company had the ability to look into or through a solid object and see what was on the other side. It would solve problems and let you do so many new things and revolutionize efficiency in nearly any sector. Think of the applications that could have in the health field, construction, or in a smart house. Well, thanks to a company called Vayyar we can.

This 3D imaging technology was designed to see through any solid object or liquid and show what’s inside.  Originally developed in 2011 to look through skin tissue and be used as an inexpensive alternative to screening for breast cancer, other industries quickly embraced it.  It can be used on construction sites to view an area before drilling or knocking down a wall.

There are so many different applications for Vayyar sensors, such as tumor screening, detecting water leakage, food safety monitoring and many more.  Vayyar sensors look into objects using technology that breaks through known barriers and brings highly sophisticated imaging to your fingertips. The possibilities for this incredible technology are endless!

It can even be used to monitor a family’s health & movements in the home.  Its enhanced sensing capabilities allow it to detect motion, speed, and the number of people in large areas.  Combine that with its reliable “intel” and it’s used by numerous Fortune 500 companies across industries.  And with its low price and compact size, this type of 6th sense technology can be embedded in a company’s product and put it within reach for the average consumer. That means that even your home could be easily enabled to benefit you with Vayyar sensors.

If you want to learn more about Vayyar technology – and its superman, see through abilities, which I’m sure you do – head over to http://vayyar.com/ today.

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