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Funphix – STEM Toys Your Child Can Build and Use

Consumer Update

Building is a great way for kids to spark their imaginations and feel pride in creating something wonderful.

Now imagine having kids build their personal toys and playthings with their own two little hands. When they’ve taken upon the task of building the toys they use, it has the potential of creating a deeper connection.

That’s exactly what kids get with Funphix.



The company focuses on educational STEM toys for kids, great for both outdoor and indoor use.

All of their toy sets arrive ready to be built. Kids will learn problem-solving skills and teamwork as they work to construct their playset. Once the build is complete, they can climb and play on the structure to their heart’s content and then build another modular structure.

This offers hours and hours of fun and is a great way to entertain kids. Set it up in the yard or the kids’ playroom and watch as your little ones just won’t get enough of it. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve built it themselves, giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The modular design allows them to create different playsets according to their interests and imagination, allowing them to continue designing and creating.

They grow with them, offering endless play designs for the little engineers. Choose from different themed sets like the jumbo toy set, sports set, climbing gym, play structure on wheels, sprinkler, or even the Build ‘n’ Splash Swimming Pool.

With durable, high-quality build materials and testing on each set, Funphix playsets are super safe. And it even comes with a five-year warranty.

With this super unique concept, your kids can build their own playsets and memories with Funphix.

Purchase yours today by visiting Funphix.com and use code ‘newswatch’ for 10% off.

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