Cancel the coffee run

While many find comforting solace in a cup of coffee to kick-start their workday, the boost it provides is fleeting and often followed by a nasty crash that can only be remedied with a Kit-Kat (in my experience).  Excessive coffee intake can also invite rather unpleasant side effects like jitteriness, stomach issues and dizziness, all of which can massively hinder your productivity.

Scaling back on coffee consumption could be the key to sustaining your energy levels too. Consider tapering down to just one cup in the morning, gradually, to sidestep withdrawal headaches. Embracing alternatives like water or decaf options can also hydrate you without the nasty side of caffeine. Another plus; cutting back on coffee might just curb that biscuit habit too. It’s a win-win for productivity and health.

Employ Smart Snacking

Ditch the impulse grabs from the vending machine and opt for nutritious snacks instead. Packing snacks like trail bars and nuts from home can keep cravings at bay and energy levels up. Consider speaking with your manager about introducing complimentary healthy snacks into the workplace. This can help promote a culture of wellness and enhance productivity, amongst many other benefits. Send this to your manager if they want to read more about the benefits of introducing office fruit.

Focusing on hydrating fruits like melons and berries can also stave off hunger (often we’re thirsty and our body confuses this as hunger) and support better decision-making. Grazing on smaller, regular snacks throughout the day can prevent energy crashes and keep hunger pangs in check for longer.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Yes we need to say it three times because it’s so important. Water is the unsung hero of workplace wellness. Staying fully hydrated not only boosts alertness but also helps maintain energy levels and all manner of other biological processes crucial to physical and mental well-being. Aim for around eight glasses a day, adjusting as needed based on activity levels and climate. Swapping out that next coffee for a tall glass of water or, better yet, keeping a big water bottle nearby encourages consistent sipping throughout the day. You’ll be surprised the volume of water you sip when it’s constantly at your fingertips!

Master the meal plan

Taking charge of your meals can lead to healthier choices and sensible portion control. Preparing meals in advance ensures you have nutritious options on hand, reducing the temptation to opt for convenience over health. Establishing a long term meal-prep routine streamlines decision-making and helps fend off unhealthy choices. Simplify your prep with quick and easy-to-make dishes. Many of which can be made in bulk, frozen and then reheated in the office. Although we’d recommend you avoid anything too fishy if you’re planning on using the office microwave. If you’re looking for inspiration, we love the list of easy to make lunch ideas listed here.

Build a consistent routine and keep at it

Crafting a healthy routine in multiple avenues of your life lays the groundwork for better eating habits too. Whether it’s packing your homemade meal or steering clear of tantalising office treats by opting for some complimentary fruit instead. Staying consistent massively minimizes your impulsive choices. Remember that healthy decisions are a marathon that is run every day – not a sprint of effort than then fizzles out. This quote (image below) from the Bojack Horseman explains the sentiment perfectly.

Stay consistent folks!