Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jump – Premier Platform for Quality Gaming | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch We live in a subscription-based world. From Netflix to Spotify, we consume media in an endless stream with only a once-a-month payment. But for gamers, subscription-based platforms have been a little...

WikiMaster – Making Research Fun | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Wikipedia has revolutionized the way we assimilate information and is chockful of articles on virtually any subject. Well, we’ve found an app that will help you learn more from Wikipedia while...
Flippy Knifevideo

Flippy Knife – Try Your Hand at Competitive Knife Flipping | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Beresnev Games is an independent game development that’s made a buzz in the mobile market recently. One of the jewels in their crown is the very addicting mobile game, Flippy Knife,...
World of Tanksvideo

World of Tanks Blitz – Hone Your Tactical Tank Skills | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Do you want something more than just the easy casual mobile game? Well then check out a game where you get to blow stuff up in metal on metal action. World...

Five Ways You Can Improve Your Mobile Gaming Skills

With mobile casino games, you can now enjoy and earn at the same time. As a player, you would like to keep enhancing your gaming experience and maximise your rewards and...
Cherry Rush

Casino Games with CherryRush.com

Amazingly the Play Store from Google still does not offer visitors any apps featuring real play casino games, despite the fact that more people than ever before are choosing to download...
Postal Pawsvideo

Postal Paws – 2D Retro Racing Game | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch We make it our mission to bring you the best time-killing mobile games out there. And with that said, check out Postal Paws. Postal Paws is a 2D racing game that features challenging...
Creature Questvideo

Creature Quest – Strategic and In-Depth Gameplay | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you’re looking for more strategy and depth in your gameplay then Creature Quest is right up your alley. Creature Quest will satisfy your sense of adventure while hooking you with turn-based...
Karnage Chroniclesvideo

Karnage Chronicles – An Immersive VR Experience | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Nordic Trolls is a company made up of long time gamers and developers who have several years of industry experience from titles like Age of Conan, Path of Exile, The Secret...

Facebook Messenger Gets a Facelift

By: Nick Gambino I’ll be honest, the only thing I use Facebook Messenger for is the occasional message and maybe a quick game of Pac-Man. (Yes, you can play simple games in...
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Instagram Adds “Last Active” Feature to DMs

By: Nick Gambino Another day, another hindrance to social media stalking without the fear of being caught. Instagram just added a feature to their app...

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