Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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By: Nick Gambino Back in September, Amazon faked us out at with news that they would start selling the Apple TV again after a 2-year “hiatus.” It wasn’t so much news as it was a quiet re-listing of the product only...
Consumer Update It’s a busy world we live in, and it can oftentimes be hard to find the energy required for a decent workout. Well, look no further than NanoHydr8. NanoHydr8 is a new drink to help improve an athlete’s energy, performance,...
 By: Nick Gambino Much has been made about the cool new Face ID feature in the iPhone X. But unfortunately when it was demoed at an Apple event at the Steve Jobs theater there were some hiccups in getting it...

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Consumer-led Marketing: How the ‘Good Night’s Sleep’ of a Thousand Strangers is Shaping Yours

By: Mike Maizel In the year 2017, the universal omnipresence of online media has become undeniable. From issues such as politics to world humanitarian crises, the world’s media has made the internet a powerful communications...

Fitter – Active Office Balance Board | NewsWatch Review

Health Watch So, Numerous innovations in workstation design have resulted in offices adopting a stand-at-your-desk environment. And while this ensures you’re not sitting all day, it begins to create another problem – standing fatigue. That’s...

Plant Nanny – Stay Hydrated & Have Fun | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Our body is made up of nearly 70 percent water.  That means that drinking enough water on a daily basis is essential to staying healthy.  Well, the creators of the game, Plant Nanny, have...


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