Sunday, May 15, 2022

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The human body is complex. And because of that, common ailments, pain, and maladies seem nearly impossible to fix. Thankfully, there are people like those at Dr. Frederick's Original, who are dedicated to helping us solve our physical problems...
As the end of the year draws closer, it's typically a time when many of us start thinking about resolutions and things we want to achieve next year. The most common usually pertain to health and lifestyle. Perhaps we...
By: Nick Gambino     Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have created a new, futuristic bionic arm that can return the sensation of touch and movement. While advancements in prosthetics have taken huge strides in the past few decades, one area where they...

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Urban Stalkvideo

Urban Stalk – Creating a Community with Access to Healthy, Sustainable Foods

Tech Report Technology is advancing at a rapid rate with new innovations breaking through every day. This is especially true in the world of hydroponics. Urban Stalk’s vision is to develop a world where every community...

Text2MD – Telehealth Consultations and Services for Numerous Conditions

Health Tech Studies have shown that the average wait time to see a doctor is anywhere from 2 to 175 days. That’s an unbelievable 6 months. Can you imagine waiting that long just to see a...

CovidImaging.US Is Helping Predict Disease Outcomes Through Real-World Patient Data

Tech Report We can best understand the effects of COVID-19 on real patients by studying the clinical information from those who have had the disease. We now have a medical school that is working on recruiting...
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