Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Streamline Your Food Prep Process with the TidyBoard

Consumer Update Maintaining a healthy diet requires a degree of meal planning and prepping. This can be a lot when you have to do it every day. The last thing we need...
Photo Backup Stickvideo

Back Up Photos on Your Mobile Device with the Photo Backup Stick

Consumer Update No matter how easy-to-use smartphones are, there will always be those who don't know how to back up their photos to the cloud or their computer. The Photo Backup Stick was...
Every Body Fitnessvideo

Every Body Fitness – Workouts Specifically Designed for Those with Disabilities

Consumer Update Not every human body moves the same. Whether they are born that way or as the result of an accident, certain disabilities prevent some people from being able to complete...

Get the Most Out of Your Workout with the Sparthos Training Mask

Consumer Update Even those with the most casual relationship with exercise would love to get their hands on an accessory that is almost guaranteed to elevate your workout routine and help deliver...
A3 Massage Pro Gunvideo

Receive Faster Recovery with the A3 Therapy Massage Pro Gun

Consumer Update While the workout session itself is key to getting fit, the downtime between workouts is equally as important. Releasing the lactic acid build-up and increasing blood flow to your muscles...

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Eye Levelvideo

Eye Level Flex is Meeting the Needs of Today’s Busy Families

Consumer Update With the majority of education having moved online over the past year, kids are more attuned to a virtual learning environment than ever...

The Ultimate Aerator for Your Favorite Red Wine – TRIbella

Consumer Update Aeration is often acknowledged by wine connoisseurs as the key to accessing the heart of a red wine, enhancing the taste to perfection. While...
Colsen Fire Pitvideo

Smokeless, Odorless, and Portable Fire Tabletop by Colsen Fire Pit

Consumer Update A fireplace or fire pit is a great addition to your home – both to heat the home and set the mood –...

Client-Centered Therapy for Military Veterans and Their Families – Cohen Clinics

Consumer Update Taking care of our military veterans and their families has to remain a priority in this country. Cohen Veterans Network is a national not-for-profit...
Battery Solutionsvideo

Start Recycling Your Battery with Battery Solutions

Consumer Update Technology is ever-changing, and the backbone of that technology is the battery. These batteries drive the ability to create wireless features and devices...
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NASA Receives First Video and Audio from Mars

By: Nick Gambino When the NASA rover Perseverance touched down on Mars last week, we were promised video and audio would arrive back on...

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