Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Store Your Knives in Style with Noble Home & Chef | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Are you working with minimal space in your kitchen and need somewhere to put your knives? Or are you just worried about one of the kids reaching up and grabbing...

Promote Thicker, Shinier and Fuller Hair with Merelta | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update On a mission to transform people’s lives by empowering them to express their authentic self, Mereltä discovered special microalgae and developed the technology to create an anti-aging, plant-based treatment that...

Enjoy the Outdoors with SheltaPod | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update It’s that time of year to pack up the camper and head out into nature for a relaxing camping trip. But before you do, you’re going to want to get...

Go Bald in Style with Skull Shaver | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update The summer heat is upon us and that means it’s the perfect time to lose some of that hair. Or maybe all of that hair. If you’re already sporting a bald...

Express Yourself with Love Glasses | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Regardless of who you are – no matter your age, race, or sexual orientation – you should be celebrated every day of the year. After all, love is love. Love Glasses...

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Drop the Chemicals and Pick Up Pro Organic | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update There’s a sharp difference between chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers. While chemical fertilizers might yield some results in the short-term, they contaminate groundwater...

Destroy Free Radicals with Vitality | NewsWatch Review

Health Update If you’ve been in search of the fountain of youth, you may have come across C60, a molecule frequently dispersed in oils which...

Whale-Sized Protection Provided by Orca | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you’re a broadcast and cinema professional, you have likely invested heavily in your equipment – whether it be your camera, audio tools,...

Monowear Watchbands are a Necessity Accessory | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Apple Watches are all the rage these days. Not only are they convenient for checking texts and e-mails with a simple flick of...

Show your Love with Kitty Sensations | Newswatch Review

Consumer Update Cat lovers are a unique breed that shares a common bond through their love of cats. These exotic and majestic animals have captured...
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