Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Baby Shusher – Award-Winning Sleep Device for Babies | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update One of the most difficult tasks as a new parent is figuring out how to get their little one to sleep. There are a million and one techniques from published...

MosquitNo – Drop the Chemicals AND the Mosquitoes with MosquitNo | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We’re deep into mosquito season and there’s no doubt they’re bent on ruining your outdoor activities. Sure, you could reach for some insect repellant, but a lot of the brands on...

The Sassy Olive – Fashionably Fun Headbands | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Fashion or style is closely linked to your personality. You could say, what you wear reflects who you are. Never is that truer than when you’re rocking a stylish headband. The...

Leg Gaiters – Protect Your Legs and Ankles While Trail-Running or Hiking | NewsWatch...

Consumer Update If you’ve ever gone hiking or camping, and if you’re doing it right, you’ve packed a number of vital accessories, tools, and gear. While this is an important step in making...

The Night Caddy – Keep it Organized at Your Beside with The Night Caddy

Consumer Update It’s almost back to school time and that means it’s time to get ready and tick off those shopping list items. If you got any college-bound kids then you’re going to...

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RV SnapPad – Revolutionary Permanent Jack Pads

Consumer Update If you’ve invested in an RV, you’re probably drawn to a life of peace and tranquility. Traveling wherever the open road takes you...

Magnet Driver- Don’t Lose Another Screw with Magnet Driver in Your Tool Kit

Consumer Update There’s a good chance you have at least a basic tool kit in your home. Well, it probably works for basic DIY projects, there’s...

d’aplomb Salt Lamps – Being Salty is Okay with d’aplomb’s Himalayan Salt Lamps

Consumer Update The stress of the daily grind can be quite taxing. Add in irregular sleep and daily contact with pollutants, and it all begins...

HouLight – Light up your Life and Important Events with HouLights

Consumer Update If you want to step up your party game, or enhance a display in your home, or prepare for Halloween decorations, there’s nothing...

Makeup Tips with Jamie Greenberg

Is your makeup and skincare regimen ready to beat the heat? With this summer's constant heatwaves, Americans everywhere are striving to achieve that dewy, bronzed,...
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Alexa Will Start Feeding You Answers from Real People

By: Nick Gambino If you didn’t trust Alexa before, wait until you start receiving answers on your Echo from some random person on the internet...

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