Monday, July 6, 2020

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car sunshadesvideo

Car Sunshades from Kinder Fluff – Protect Your Kids

Consumer Update The intensity of the sun blasting through your window when you’re driving is not only uncomfortable but it’s dangerous too. Now imagine the effect of the blazing sun on your...

Watch Party with Friends – Wiretap

Consumer Update The recent global pandemic forced a lot of us to find new and unique ways to socialize. This has mostly consisted of video calls and drive-by greetings, but there’s another...
freeze dried fruitvideo

Freeze Dried Fruit and Other Foods That Won’t Spoil – North Bay Trading

Consumer Update It’s easy to consider convenience at a time like this, especially when it comes to buying groceries. Items that are quick and easy to make seem to just fly off...
STACYC bikevideo

Teach Kids How to Ride Early with STACYC Bike

Consumer Update Teaching kids how to ride two-wheeled bikes at an early age is a great way to teach them balance and confidence. Young kids are eager to learn and are at...
vitamin supplementvideo

Feel Even Better with Organic Superfoods

Consumer Update The human race seems to be more health-conscious than ever. On the other side of that health coin, we also seem to have more food products on the market designed...

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fireplace purchasevideo

Fireplace Innovation with Stoll Industries

Consumer Update/AppWatch There’s a big difference between products that roll off mass assembly lines and those made by hand by craftsmen with years of experience....
reading glassesvideo

TV Watching for the Visually Impaired – Vision Buddy

Consumer Update With endless television shows across numerous channels, there’s no lack of quality content to keep you entertained. Throw in streaming services, and the...
Coco Joyvideo

Delicious-Tasting Coconut Water by CoCo Joy

Consumer Update Scan any supermarket and you’ll find a number of coconut water brands lining the shelves. In fact, it’s safe to say coconut water...
watercolor paint setvideo

Complete Watercolor Paint Set by AEM Hi Arts

Consumer Update Watercolor painting is such a fun way to pass time and relax. But if you’ve ever shopped for watercolor paint sets, you’ve been...

Home and Auto Insurance Quotes Made Easy – Gabi

Consumer Update Shopping for home or auto insurance isn’t fun for anybody. Never mind that there are an endless array of home and auto insurance...
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Microsoft Launching Summer Game Fest Demo Event in July

By: Nick Gambino Just because there are no in-person gaming events happening this year, doesn’t mean there can’t be any gaming events at all....

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