Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Classic N64 Games Coming to Switch

By: Nick Gambino At Nintendo Direct this week, the video game company made a ton of announcements, but none were more exciting than the slew of classic Nintendo 64 titles coming to...

Apple Unveils Four iPhone 14s

By: Nick Gambino At their Far Out event on Wednesday, Apple, as we predicted, unveiled four new iPhone 14 models to tide us over until the latest and greatest next year. There are...

Sew Sweet Minky Designs – Wrap Yourself In The Best Blankets

There's nothing softer and more soothing than a Minky blanket. I can safely say it's easily the closest thing to being wrapped in a cloud from the heavens and the best...

Knighthood – Let Nothing Stand in Your Way From Knighthood

Phoenix Games is a champion of super creative video games, that challenge the limits of what makes a great game. Now, that's evident in their role-playing game, Knighthood—awarded best RPG by...

Versational – Listen Better, Respond Better

While the live and verbal conversation is perhaps the most straightforward and engaging way of exchanging ideas, it can be tough to remember all the key points of interest. That's where...

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ChargerAfter – Financing Done Right

So are you a retailer looking to attract new shoppers and increase sales? Are you looking to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase average...

Keys App – Roadside Help You Can Trust

Losing your keys, or getting locked out of your home, office, or even your car is a pretty terrible ordeal. Not only is it...

Axe Hedge – Simplify Your Investing

There's a real upside to properly investing your money, but it can also be an overwhelming proposition. Where do you start? Where are the...

Escape Motions – Perfectly Capture the Experience of Painting

In our current digital age, creatives are constantly finding ways to blend innovative technology with traditional artistry. But capturing the authenticity of real artistry...

RinneTraps – A Simple, Safe, And Humane Way To Get Rid Of Pests

Everybody knows the traditional image of a mouse trap, a rectangular piece of wood with a spring-loaded piece of metal waiting to snap. They...
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Instagram is Working on Its Nudity Problem

Photo: Souvik Banerjee By: Nick Gambino Sliding into a user’s DMs isn’t always cute and flirtatious, sometimes it’s downright obscene. There’s a breed of guy out...

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