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Tineco – Industry-Defining Cordless Vacuum | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update As devices become smarter and smarter with AI capabilities, we’re always excited to find the next great product pushing artificial intelligence to its limits. Tineco’s (pronunciation: tin – co] PURE ONE...

Llama Drama – Fun Competitive Card Game for All Ages | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update The new Llama Drama card game is your next game night obsession. Incredibly easy to learn and fun for all ages, this competitive card game is a great addition for...

ScholarshipOwl – Have Quick and Easy Access to Several Scholarship Opportunities | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update/AppWatch The pursuit of higher education is more than just a lofty goal, it’s an important part of maximizing your success in the future. But there are huge financial obligations in...

Loubier Gourmet – Delicious, Quality-Driven BBQ Sauce | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update It’s that time of year where everything’s cooked on the grill. And, sure, you can use ordinary sauces to compliment your protein or you can use San Francisco’s best-kept secret. Loubier...

Pet Treater – A Monthly Subscription for Your Furry Friend | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We love our pets, but with busier & busier lives, quality time with them can be hard to come by. Pet Treater is monthly subscription designed to make it easy to...

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Living Greens Farm – The Healthiest Source of Greens Out There | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update We can all agree that eating smart is an important part of maintaining our health and continuing to get the most out of...

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner – Remove Tough Grill Grease and Grime | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Before you fire up your barbecue or smoker, it’s important to make sure you have all the essentials on hand – including your...

‘Hey Google, Tell Me a Story’ Comes to Mobile

By: Nick Gambino Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are finding more and more ways to integrate with your daily activities. A...

The Wizards – VR Spell-Caster Game | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update/Gaming If you’re ready to get immersed in a new game then this next one’s for you. The Wizards is a multiple award-winning VR spellcaster...

AT Player – Download and Import Music for Free Across Various Platforms | NewsWatch...

AppWatch Music is more accessible than ever thanks to streaming and digital downloads. But where the experience could improve is in the apps that host...


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Disney Nabs Full Control of Hulu

By: Nick Gambino Disney’s diabolical plan to gain control of everything in the known universe just racked up another major win. Comcast handed over the...

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