Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Refilling Your Well – Take A Breather, You Deserve It

When was the last time you took the time to focus on you? Time spent reconnecting with your true self and confronting those negative feelings that creep in when you're not...

Motogolf – The Largest E-trolley Retailer for Good Reason!

Part of the wonderful game of golf is the walk along the 18 hole journey. It's not only about tradition and the way the game should be played, but the invigorating...

Woodventure – Home Accessories That Stand Out

Here at Newswatch, we love home accessories that add a touch of innovation, and nobody's doing that better than WoodVenture. Combining utility with design in all their unique products, WoodVenture's home...

MGI Golf – The Leader in Electric Golf Caddies

Golf is one of the oldest sports around, its origins, dating back hundreds of years. And now that we're in the technological age, golf gear innovations have made gameplay all the...

Flats or Spikes – Lap Tracking, The Right Way

Running as part of a cross country or track team requires collecting and analyzing data in order to improve performance over time. For too long, we've been reliant on jotting down...

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Prolifiq – A Game-Changing Sales Optimization Tool

Thousands of businesses use Salesforce because of its revolutionary potential to drive sales and growth. But the thing is, 50% of deployments end up...

Aromyx – Understanding and translating smell to taste

Over millions of years, we've evolved our sense of smell and taste into one of the most powerful chemical detectors in the world. We...

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Specialties

In a market as volatile as the UK crypto trading market, there is a great need for nerves of steel, an efficient plan, and...
TIKI BiteFighter Lightsvideo

Repel the Mosquitoes and Activate the Ambiance with TIKI BiteFighter LED String Lights

Consumer Update Summer is here which means gathering outside for some BBQ and good times. But there’s one thing determined to ruin our mood—mosquitoes. Those...
The Daily Grindvideo

Discover Family-Style Flavored Coffee with The Dally Grind

Consumer Update Coffee has a special place in our homes and our social lives as a centerpiece for meaningful conversation and relationships. Most of us start...
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Are Facebook Smart Sunglasses a Good Idea?

Featured photo: natanaelginting By: Nick Gambino Facebook’s relationship with privacy has been strained at best. Despite their more than 2 billion users, they’re not high on...

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