Sunday, April 11, 2021

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Droople – Developing Innovative IoT Solutions for Intelligent Water Management

Consumer Update Water scarcity is a real issue in the world. Just because we can turn the faucet on and gain access to a seemingly never-ending stream of water, doesn’t mean it’s...

Quair – The New-Age Wearable Air Purifier

Consumer Update Most of us can agree that clean water and clean air are essentials to living a healthy life. Unfortunately, these just aren’t guaranteed. And in the midst of a global pandemic,...
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Bring Convenience and Comfort into Your Home with the Smart Ceiling Fan by Carro...

Consumer Update Smart technology is not just the future of homes, it’s the present. Almost all utilities and appliances can be controlled using an app, voice activation, or similar system. That includes...

impacX – Connecting Brands with Customers Through Smart Packaging

Consumer Update There’s no getting around it, we are in the age of the internet of things and everything just has to be connected. One of the most innovative companies in this sphere...
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Loop Mount Is Revolutionizing the Phone Mount for Cyclists

Consumer Update Since the global pandemic, interest in cycling has increased dramatically. It seems everyone has jumped on a bike or scooter or other similar modes of transportation. Some are commuting while...

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Fauna Audio Glasses Are Revolutionizing the World of Audio Wearables

Consumer Update New, innovative tech is one of our favorite things. We’re obsessed with showcasing the hottest new gadgets like wearables and audio devices. Today,...
Down and Feathervideo

Down and Feather – The Best Selling Down and Feather Pillows

Consumer Update What makes a perfect pillow? Ask a thousand people and you’ll get a thousand different answers. The key to the perfect pillow that allows...

Environmentally Friendly Diapers and Wipes by Eco Pea

Consumer Update Finding the best diapers and wipes for your baby can be difficult. Eco Pea diapers were specifically created by parents looking for a safer...

Measure Your Dog’s Health and Wellness at All Times with Whistle

Consumer Update Dog lovers have a special bond with their pup – and, if you’re like us, they’re part of the family. So we found...
Guitar Cratevideo

Subscription Box for Guitarists – Guitar Crate

Consumer Update Music is food for the soul. Whether you’re playing for yourself or others, there’s something about that moment when you connect with your...
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Teleport to the Other Side of Earth with Google AR Portal

By: Nick Gambino You know how when you were little people would say if you dug deep enough through the ground beneath your feet you’d...

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