Friday, February 22, 2019

ChatKazam – Meet New Friends in Your Community | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you want to be an early adopter and on the up-and-up of social media apps, then we found just the app for you here at CES 2019. It’s called ChatKazam, a...

CalenDo – Giving a Holistic View to Day-to-Day Activities | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch There are so many different apps we use to stay organized. But why should we have to switch between our notes, reminders, and calendar apps to keep us on track? Shouldn’t...

Cross-Stitch World – Cross-Stitch on Your Smartphone | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Looking for the next mobile game to relax and pass the time with? Well, we found one that’ll keep you busy for hours. Cross-Stitch World brings the relaxing therapy of cross-stitching...
iEatBetter appvideo

iEatBetter – Track What You Eat with a Single Snapshot | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you’re serious about losing weight, changing your diet is critical. Everyone is talking about how apps are the new big trend for helping people get healthy, lose weight and diet....
Cardiogram appvideo

Cardiogram – Transforming Your Wearable into a Healthcare Assistant | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Did you know that 100 million people own some sort of wearable with a heart rate sensor, like an Apple Watch, Android watch, or Garmin? And though your heart beats 102,000...

Lingvist – Learn a New Language in No Time | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch In today’s world, knowing more than one language is invaluable. But how do you get past the basics of Hola or Ciao? Lingvist was designed by a nuclear physicist to drastically reduce...
Gtask appvideo

gTasks – Simple Task and Management App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you’re like me, you have a constantly growing set of “to-do’s”. And while it’s amazing to cross them off one-at-a-time, it’s equally easy to forget what you need to do...
Travel a la cartevideo

Travel a la carte – Make and Manage Bookings from a Single Platform |...

AppWatch Traveling can be pretty stressful, especially with all the logistics nightmares and planning. Tired of all the separate bookings you always need to do? Travel a la carte allows you to make...
Baby Jaserickvideo

Baby Jaserick- Prioritize What’s Most Important as a Parent | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Whether we want to believe it or not, there are moments when some parents forget their child in their car or even in the house. This often happens when a parent...

Taimi – A New Gay Dating and Social Network | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Dating and building relationships is never an easy thing and, unfortunately, it is even more difficult if you are a part of the gay community. The biggest problems arise in the...
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