Saturday, June 15, 2019

Unblock Me – An Addictive Puzzle Game with Interesting Challenges | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Unblock Me is a classic sliding block puzzle game with over 18,000 puzzles that’ll have you playing for years. Having earned Editor’s Choice while also being downloaded 180 million times since they...

Meeka’s Secret – eBook for Children on Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch The pain of child abuse, especially when experienced at a very young age, can last a lifetime. So how do you help a child understand their feelings, stand up for their...

Truebill – Optimize Your Spending, Manage Subscriptions and Lower Bills | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Managing your personal finances can be a real headache, but did you know that 84% of people have subscriptions that they’re paying for but have totally forgotten about. In other words, they’re...

Prodigy – Social Music Platform for Upcoming Artists | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch It’s a grueling process getting started in the music industry. Between practicing, to finding opportunities to perform live, to building an online presence, it’s nothing short of challenging. Prodigy is here to...

RexVid – Compile and Send Group Messages Customized for Any Occasion | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch How much money would you say you spend a year on greeting cards? At $5 a pop and numerous birthdays and other celebrations, it probably adds up. What if there was...

GameChanger – Free Score-Keeping App for Baseball and Softball Players | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch For those of you who spend Saturdays on a youth baseball or softball diamond, this next one’s for you. Powered by Dick’s Sporting Goods, GameChanger is an easy-to-use app that gives baseball...

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body – All-in-One Yoga and Meditation App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch When it comes to relieving stress in both the mind and body, there’s nothing better than a calming and relaxing yoga session. The Yoga Studio: Mind & Body is an all-in-one yoga...

Supercats – Real-Time Competitive Game with Anthropomorphic Cats | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Ready for your next mobile game obsession? We thought so. Check out Supercats. Supercats is a new recreational real-time competitive game filled with a ton of cool anthropomorphic cats. In other words, these cats...

ZenFriend – Find Inner Peace with this Meditation App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch There are plenty of reasons to stress on any given day. Work, kids, traffic – these can all contribute to feelings of anxiety. While there’s no way to avoid these stressors,...

Tonit – The Ultimate Motorcycle Lifestyle Community App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you’ve ever hit the open road with just you and your motorcycle, then you know that nothing compares to this unique thrill. Motorcyclists bond on this shared love of riding...
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