Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Consumer Tech

eStudy – The Better Way to Teach and Learn Online

EdTech Teaching and learning online presents its share of obstacles. Without a properly designed platform, online education falls flat, missing the ingredients that make in-person...

The ATLIS XT Truck Is the Future of Purpose-Built Work Trucks

Consumer Update The intense focus on the development of electric vehicles and the necessary infrastructure has given rise to a myriad of start-up companies working...

Home Tech

Funphix – STEM Toys Your Child Can Build and Use

Consumer Update Building is a great way for kids to spark their imaginations and feel pride in creating something wonderful. Now imagine having kids build their...

Avoid Unexpected Water Leaks with The Guard Dog Valve

Consumer Update Chances are you have a leaky toilet in your house, and we’re not talking small leaks here A wide-open flapper could waste over 6000...

Mobile Tech

Here’s Why You Need a Cell Phone Tracker in Your Life

We all feel the need to keep our loved ones safe. The world outside can be a dangerous place. However, you can’t always be...

iPhone 11 – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Apple launched its new line of iPhones during September hoping that their introduction would spark a massive spike in the company’s profits. Recent models of...

Tech Services

Redbird Learningvideo

Redbird – All-Digital Personalized Learning Program for Students

EdTech We never stop learning. From childhood through adulthood we’re sponges for knowledge, soaking up information through engagement, intuition, and daily observation. But it’s in our academic years that we need the greatest help to ensure...

The PlayOn Controversy: Hit or Miss

There is a new gaming technology in the town called PlayOn. The technology will help gamblers keep a tab on the varied games at the tables. The technology is introduced with an aim to...
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STRYK – RXT – The World’s First Automated Fitness Robot Trainer

Consumer Update A robotics company for human performance, STRYK is revolutionizing the combat sports and fitness industry bringing advanced technology solutions to your home and...
Smart Lock Lockly

Connected Home Security: Best Smart Locks for Your House

By: Scott Steinberg Thanks to the magic of connected home technology and automation, it’s easier than ever to keep close tabs on home security– even...

Sleepsia – The Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow for a Perfect Night’s Rest

Consumer Update A third of our lives are spent in bed sleeping or at least trying to sleep. Lack of comfort because of low-quality bedding...
S. Lightvideo

S. Light – Rotating LED Display for Roadside Emergencies

Consumer Update Stopping on the side of the road is sometimes necessary, especially when your car is giving you trouble and pulling over is the...

Save Money on Indirect Materials through Innovative eCatalog

By: Nick Gambino Indirect materials often show up as a costly budget item with a whole lot of vagueness attached to it. The thing is,...