Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Consumer Tech

Quickly Light Charcoal Grills with the GrillBlazer

Consumer Update There has been a war waging for what seems like an eternity. That war of course is over what kind of grill you...

Drill in Your Yard with Ease with RotoShovel

Consumer If you’ve ever dropped to your knees in the garden and poured your heart and soul into creating a vegetative oasis, you know the...

Home Tech

Home Healthcare Made Easy with Homercares

AppWatch/Health After being discharged from a hospital or other medical facility, it’s very common to be sent home with instructions for home care. If you’ve...

Alexa Now Offers Long-Form News Briefings

By: Nick Gambino Alexa, like most voice assistants, has been in the news business for a while now. If you...

Mobile Tech

Here’s Why You Need a Cell Phone Tracker in Your Life

We all feel the need to keep our loved ones safe. The world outside can be a dangerous place. However, you can’t always be...

iPhone 11 – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Apple launched its new line of iPhones during September hoping that their introduction would spark a massive spike in the company’s profits. Recent models of...

Tech Services


The PlayOn Controversy: Hit or Miss

There is a new gaming technology in the town called PlayOn. The technology will help gamblers keep a tab on the varied games at the tables. The technology is introduced with an aim to...

Keep Your Finances on Schedule with CalendarBudget | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Swimming in debt is like treading water, no matter how hard you try, you never seem to get anywhere. Well, part of the problem is that it’s just too easy to get credit and...
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More Tech Reviews


QWERTY Keyboard Replaced by DOTKey

Tech Report The QWERTY keyboard, (also known as the traditional desktop computer keyboard or the keyboard you’ve used your entire life) has been around for...
cyber security coursevideo

Cyber Security Training with Lab Cyber

Tech Report With the sheer amount of information exchange and business conducted online, cyber security training is more important than ever. As long as computers...
conversational AIvideo

Conversational AI in Contact Centers with Advantage Communications

Tech Report Live chat in contact centers and other forms of customer support are vital to the continued success of any company. Customers only stick...

Mobile World Congress Will Continue to Be Held in Barcelona Through 2024

By: Nick Gambino Mobile World Congress is staying in Barcelona until at least 2024, according to a new deal struck by the GSMA (Global...
senior livingvideo

Caspar Awareness – Smart, Safe Living for Seniors | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Technology has allowed us to live smarter and safer.  This is especially true in Caspar homes, where they have senior solutions for the...