The NewsWatch Distribution Network was developed to provide the widest possible exposure. Every episode of NewsWatch airs on more than 60 full-power broadcast stations, including all of the top 20 U.S. markets. In total, NewsWatch airs in over 200 markets reaching more than 98 million households across the country.  NewsWatch airs in the following distribution outlets:

AMC Network- AMC is a US-Based Cable and Satellite TV Channel that was recently nominated for an industry best 22 Emmy’s.  The AMC Network is the fourth ranked entertainment cable channel in the U.S. and reaches more than 200 markets and 95+ million households.

Ion Network – Broadcast Affiliates -Owned and Operated Broadcast Stations  air in  more than 55 major metropolitan areas including all of the top 20 U.S. markets. Through airings on the NewsWatch Broadcast Affiliates, NewsWatch reaches more than 52 million households.

Ion Network – Cable Affiliates – Cable Affiliates broadcast the complete programming grid of the Ion Television Network, reaching more than 190 markets and more than 46 million households.

DirectTV and Dish Network – Both satellite systems carry the Ion Network and AMC Network. Through their distribution, NewsWatch is seen in every market in the U.S. reaching more than 26 million households.

Independent Syndicated Stations – The final element of the distribution network is a group of network affiliated broadcast stations that have carried NewsWatch for close to a decade. These stations air NewsWatch on a weekly basis at various times during the day.

Social Networking Websites – Using the latest and most effective strategies, we work to achieve the highest level of exposure for NewsWatch. Through various social-networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, and blogs, we utilize Web 2.0 technologies to increase the visibility of NewsWatch.

In summary, NewsWatch airs on more than 60 full-power broadcast stations and can be seen in virtually every market in the U.S. Each edition of NewsWatch is aired in 200+ Markets, reaching more than 100 million households nationwide.

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