Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Report Workplace Discrimination Anonymously with the Equall App

AppWatch We’ve come a long way in society in these last few years, especially in the workplace. Creating inclusivity and a safe space for addressing...

SBchat Is Changing the Way We Text

AppWatch While visuals are an important part of any human experience, sound is of tantamount importance as well. It’s that concept that fuels the newest messaging...

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QWERTY Keyboard Replaced by DOTKey

Tech Report The QWERTY keyboard, (also known as the traditional desktop computer keyboard or the keyboard you’ve used your entire life) has been around for...

Cyber Security Training with Lab Cyber

Tech Report With the sheer amount of information exchange and business conducted online, cyber security training is more important than ever. As long as computers...

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The Next-Generation Survey Tool for Both Customers and Employees Is Macorva

Biz Report Are you tired of investing valuable time and resources in surveys that fail to shine any real light on what actions you should...

Receive Content-Level Insight Across an Entire Enterprise with Classify360

Biz Report Data is the backbone of any business, especially in a digital age, so being able to quickly access and ensure the security of...

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Quarantine is Not an Excuse for Fun and Extra Money

Being confined at home has been such a challenge for everybody no matter the age, we have been in need to develop a lot...