Friday, November 27, 2020

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Set Achievable Goals and Stay Accountable with Mana

AppWatch It never feels like there’s enough time. It's even worse during the pandemic, everything feels like a blur, and I can't tell when work ends...

Start Streamlining Your Stock Market Experience with Stock Master

AppWatch Investing in stocks has never been easier with the opportunities afforded by digital and mobile technologies. By wielding the power of your smartphone, you can...

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QWERTY Keyboard Replaced by DOTKey

Tech Report The QWERTY keyboard, (also known as the traditional desktop computer keyboard or the keyboard you’ve used your entire life) has been around for...

Cyber Security Training with Lab Cyber

Tech Report With the sheer amount of information exchange and business conducted online, cyber security training is more important than ever. As long as computers...

Biz Report - Highlighting Businesses

Build Your Business Safely and Securely with Variify

Biz Report Some businesses require the verification of age before they can sell their product or service to customers, and technology has made this easier...

Drive All Your Traffic to Any URL with Omnilink

Biz Report There seems to be no end to the number of content sources that exist on the internet, each with their own links, leaving...

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Quarantine is Not an Excuse for Fun and Extra Money

Being confined at home has been such a challenge for everybody no matter the age, we have been in need to develop a lot...