Sunday, April 11, 2021

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Prevent Against Viruses and Infectious Diseases with Germhub

AppWatch As communities begin to open up, we want to make sure we engage with people and venues in the safest way possible. That begins with...

Change Your Perspective and All Around Mentality with Portages

AppWatch Taking care of yourself, especially your mental wellbeing sometimes requires guidance towards the right path. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Portages app. Portages...

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QWERTY Keyboard Replaced by DOTKey

Tech Report The QWERTY keyboard, (also known as the traditional desktop computer keyboard or the keyboard you’ve used your entire life) has been around for...

Cyber Security Training with Lab Cyber

Tech Report With the sheer amount of information exchange and business conducted online, cyber security training is more important than ever. As long as computers...

Biz Report - Highlighting Businesses

Download Datasets for Product Brands, Categories, and Retailer Offerings with Datafiniti

Biz Report Data is like currency. Without the free-flowing exchange in and out of businesses, success is next to impossible. Acting on accurate, up-to-date data...

Sculpture Hospitality Helps Clients in the Hospitality Industry Become More Profitable

Biz Report Restaurants and bars have had a tough year, so they can use all the help they can get. With restrictions, closures, and finally a...

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Quarantine is Not an Excuse for Fun and Extra Money

Being confined at home has been such a challenge for everybody no matter the age, we have been in need to develop a lot...