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As we enter an era of technology the world is revolutionizing fast and being organized has become even more important. Luckily, with loads of new technology, there are many more outlets that make this possible. There are especially some great apps out there to make getting organized a lot easier. One, specifically, is Core Organizer, Journal & Notes.

The Core Organizer app is a personal organizer that allows you to store massive amounts of private information about your life, organized into different categories or modules. Modules include House, Contacts, Finances, Sports, Health, Entertainment, Travel, Private Thoughts and numerous others. Each one would have info appropriate to that module. This app acts as a planner and a diary all-in-one.

For instance “Contacts” is where you can create lists of contact info for things like “work” or “family.” In “Health” you can record important health info like your vaccination records. You can record and upload photos to each one of these modules without worrying about privacy. Core Organizer is email and password protected. They also use Amazon S3 technology to sync all the information over multiple devices. So any data entered on an iPhone or iPad will be the same in each.

Core Organizer, Journal, & Notes is free to download with 5 modules and is available in six languages. Additional modules will need to be purchased, which can be done for $1 and it’ll only cost $3.99 to sync across all of your devices. Core Organizer is available today on Android, iOS and Amazon devices in the App Store.

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