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AppWatch is a weekly segment that provides viewers app reviews and game reviews of the latest and hottest apps and games out on the market for iOS and Android devices. Our AppWatch segment airs on the Discovery Channel and ION Network. The app reviews are conducted by Joe Toohey and Andrew Tropeano.

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Fun Pimp- 7 Days to Die

If you’re a gamer and a fan of RPGs, first-person shooters or survival games, we’ve got the perfect title for you. It’s called 7 Days to Die. With over 15 million...

ClockedIn – Get Interviews in Minutes, Start Earning in Days

Hourly workers are the backbone of many of the industries we count on every day, including our food industry. So taking care of them is the solution to high turnover rate....

Blitz- Win Real Cash Mobile Game

It’s a fact! Studies have found that we spend a lot of time on our phones. People scroll through their phones an average of more than 3 hours everyday. Wouldn’t it...

Playsee – Connect with Your Neighbors

There are some social media apps that seek to connect users with people all around the world. Then there are those that like to help users meet the people in their...

Finch – Your New Self Care Best Friend

Whether it's anxiety, depression, or our overall health, we all struggle with taking care of ourselves at times. While there are many paths available for those who are looking for help,...

machineMD – A Better Eye Exam Is Finally Here

The early detection and diagnosis of brain disorders like tumors, multiple sclerosis, and strokes are vital. The advanced medical discipline of neuro-ophthalmology shows this can be performed by highly trained doctors....

CareRX – Savings On Prescriptions Have Never Been So Easy!

Filling prescriptions is a necessary part of taking care of your personal health, but it can also be expensive. Well, there's an easy way to apply automatic discounts on your next...

Bobidi – Help Make AI In A Powerful Way!

Hey guys, so today we're talking about the future of AI, and for today's demonstration I'll be talking about the Bobidi app which I downloaded straight from the App Store, it's...

Ruby – The Virtual Front Desk That Helps Build Meaningful Connections

Today's consumers equate near-instant service and communication with quality. And businesses that provide this type of personalized instantaneous support are the ones that are thriving. Ruby is a customer communication company...

Healthy Truth – The One-Stop Shop To Get You Going

Hey guys. So today we're talking about essential superfood supplements. They keep you energized and healthy. So for today's demonstration, I'll be using Healthy Truth's Go Green Energy Blend Powder, which...
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