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There some things you would think you would never hear in the same sentence. For example, Gaming and Mergers and Acquisitions you wouldn’t generally think to belong together. However, now there is a new game from the company Ansarada that is one of a kind and it’s called The M&A Game.

With more than 38,000 players worldwide the Mergers and Acquisitions Game is a skill-based game that throws you into the world of buying and selling businesses in an effort to build a multi-billion dollar empire. You start with creating an avatar and selecting a set of personality traits like charisma and even deception. Then you choose the name of your big corporation and get to work. You start off with $20 million and begin buying, selling and merging.

As your portfolio grows you have to make quick decisions in a high-pressure buy and sell process in order to increase value and reduce costs. And the new multi-player mode allows you to play against family and friends to see who’s the better dealmaker. As you stack up money, you can build your empire from private jets to even yachts. The idea is to work your way up to become a global fortune and become a part of the coveted leader board.

The M&A Game is free on iOS and Android devices and is available on the iPad and iPhone. So head over to your app store today and search for “M&A” and start mastering the art of deal making.


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