Learn & Play – Languages Made Fun | NewsWatch Review


Are you looking to learn a new language? You could go for the flash card approach or listen to audio that teaches through repetition but that can get pretty tiring quickly.  If you have exhausted all these options, or even just want to try another more exciting method to learning, check out Learn & Play.

Learn & Play is an app that makes learning a language fun.  Offering 14 different languages, Learn & Play starts with simple words and phrases that you can record yourself and compare to native speakers.  Once you master those you can move onto games and quizzes which subconsciously teach you the language.  Most popular is the Balloon game, which trains you to recognize foreign words and phrases – but the real test is in word of mouth from actual users. That is the third part of the app, the Audio-Visual Excitement segment, which forces learners to apply what they’ve learned. The maker of this app researched the most effective language learning techniques and what is most efficient then combined all their research into the Learn & Play app. One of the best parts of this app is that it is a portable resource so users have the ability to practice and learn whenever and wherever they are.

This app has 5 stars from 18,000 reviews worldwide, while it’s been downloaded 2 million times. Learn & Play is available on iOS and Android devices. You can track and sync your lifetime learning progress of any language across iOS and Android devices.  A single language is $7.99, a regional language package is $16 or you can just buy the “all languages” package for $22. The “all languages” package allows you free upgrade to any future languages released.  Go to your app store today and download Learn & Play to start learning a new language.