Acesori – Smart, Innovative Phone Accessories | NewsWatch Review


There’s thousands of tech accessories at CES, so how do you know which ones are the best?

Well we’ve put our stamp of approval on a new company called Acesori. The create affordable tech gadgets with the latest technology in mind.

Acesori designs and manufactures technology for the modern world. They focus on three main categories portable power, audio and accessories.

They have a new line of earbuds called the A-buds. Most of the ear buds out now either don’t fit into your ear properly and or there is a wire just plain interfering with simple task. Well the A-buds solve both issues, their unique design allows for a comfortable fit into your earhole. They are also bluetooth wireless, so they can easily pair with your portable device, both features combine for smooth and seamless sound. But the hidden and probably most valuable feature is that ear buds have magnets in them allowing you to simply toss them around your neck and touch the two buds together.

If that’s not enough for you there’s more. Acesori also recently has manufactured a set of camera lens for smart phones. They lens also have a built in magnet so they are compatible with any smart phone with a camera. You simply stick the magnetic rings provided on the surface of the phone and pick a lens, put the lens up to the ring and let science do the rest.

But wait there’s more. Acesori’s most valuable products are their series of powers packs. They come in essentially small, medium and a large, however all are light and designed for the comfort of your pocket.

Acesori products are designed to make their everyday consumers life convenient, keep an eye out for Acesori in 2016. If you want to check out some of the newest releases from Acesori, head to today.

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