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ARK: Survival Evolved

Get These Beasts in ARK Before Anyone Else Does

With the news that ARK: Survival Evolved is heading to the Nintendo Switch, we thought it a good time to make sure gamers are aware of the most useful and amazing...

Vaping vs Popcorn Lung Disease

“Popcorn lung” sounds like something innocuous. But the reality of it is quite different and alarming. For those who haven’t already heard of the term, “popcorn lung” is the popular name...
Marketplace for Skins

What Is The Best Marketplace For Selling Skins?

Do you know that it is possible to play online not only with interest but also making money with this particular kind of an activity? What is meant here is a...

Survey: Waco Second Most Expensive Destination in Texas

Waco, the seat of McLennan County in central Texas, is the second most expensive destination in Texas. The cost of its lodging was the determining factor in its number two finish according...

Snapchat Rolls Out Group Video Chat

By: Nick Gambino Snapchat has endured some backlash recently due to the almost complete redesign of their app. So hopefully their new feature, which allows group video chats, will help calm the...

Ready Player One – 3.5 Out of 5 Stars

Ready Player One was Steven Spielberg's long-awaited return to directing a sci-fi action movie. While I believe it's no Jurassic Park or E.T., Ready Player One still brings the Spielberg magic...

Apple Updates iPad for the Classroom

By: Nick Gambino Apple is trying to edge into the education space with a new update to their smaller iPads. At a Chicago event attended by students and teachers, Tim Cook and...

Check Out the 2nd Annual Beverly Hills Dog Show

NewsWatch host Andrew Tropeano interviews actress Maria Menounos along with her furry friend Winnie to discuss the second annual star-studded dog show. This April 1st marks the second annual Beverly Hills Dog...

PlagiarismCheck.org: The Only Plagiarism Detector You’ll Ever Need

You know what's odious about academic papers? You sweat over research and writing them for weeks, and then... hear nothing but fraud charges from your professor. It stinks, right? But don't hurry up...

Do You Care Enough About Your NBA Team to Buy a Tissot Watch?

Probably not, right? To say that NBA merchandise is affordable would definitely be coupled with a Pinocchio-like nose, as even a replica Steph Curry jersey (currently the highest selling jersey as...
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Whole Foods Closes Shop on its Rewards Program

By: Nick Gambino If you’ve been holding on to Whole Foods rewards points and digital coupons in the hopes to someday use them, we advise...

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