Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Google Play May Offer a Subscription to Access Hundreds of Paid Apps

By: Nick Gambino Google may start offering a subscription service to its Google Play Store, allowing users to access hundreds of paid apps and games for one monthly payment. Now, before you reach...

Xbox Game Pass is Making Its Way to PC

By: Nick Gambino Microsoft has announced their intention to bring the Xbox Game Pass subscription service to PCs. In the current content medium landscape, streaming is king. Netflix and Spotify are leading examples...

Apple Reveals 3 New iPhones

By: Nick Gambino After months and months of speculation, Apple finally unveiled this year’s line-up of iPhones at a special event on Wednesday. The follow-up phones to the popular (if not controversial)...

You Can Preorder iPhone XR Starting Today

By: Nick Gambino After the XS and XS Max went on sale shortly after their unveiling, the iPhone XR is now available for preorder on the Apple site. The more affordable of the...

Why Businesses of All Sizes Need Publicity

Why do so many businesses struggle to survive? One in five small businesses fail in their first year, and half are out of business by their fifth year, Bureau of Labor...

Amazon Announces New Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

By: Nick Gambino Amazon announced that the new Kindle Paperwhite is water-resistant. The Kindle is one of my favorite electronic devices, period. It’s lack of a glaring computer screen capable of searching...
Beats Studio3

Apple Unveils Gold-Accented Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

By: Nick Gambino When deciding on what kind of headphones to rock, you have to take a few things into consideration. Of course, you want superior sound and uber-comfort, but those factors...

Innovative disruption through technology in the financial sector

Over the years, we have had traditional banks dictate how, where and when our transactions should be carried out but not anymore. Technology under the word “fintech" is here to level the...

Apple Has 70 Self-Driving Cars on the Streets

By: Nick Gambino Apple is known for having a finger in every pie so it’s no secret or surprise that they’ve been full steam ahead on their own autonomous vehicle program. What...
Freshman Year

How To Survive Your Freshman Year of College

Freshman year of college is going to be both fun and stressful. There is a great difference between high school and college life. In college, students have a lot of freedom and...
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Windows 10 Users Can Now Use Alexa

By: Nick Gambino There’s now an Alexa App designed specifically for your Windows 10 PC. Some of you may remember that they released a preview...

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