Halo – The Smart Smoke Detector | NewsWatch Review

In 2011, the EF-5 tornado rocked Joplin, Missouri, injuring over a thousand people and costing billions of dollars in damages.  As a result, the CEO of Halo Smart Labs, Ben Stagg, was at CES to talk about the technology that was inspired from the disaster and the solutions that he and his team have come up with.

Halo Smart Labs uses the innovative technology to manufacture smoke detectors for both residential and commercial applications. Its main products are Halo and Halo+. Halo+ is the first smoke alarm to combine weather alerts with the detection of fast-moving and smoldering fires, as well as carbon monoxide, in a single unit. Halo+ uses its weather feature to alert its users of incoming weather threats such as a tornado or hurricane.

Not only does Halo create the world’s safest alarm, but they also recently began working with the American Red Cross. Halo Smart Labs and the Red Cross are working to support the organization’s “Vision for the Humanitarian Use of Emerging Technology for Emerging Needs,” which aims to make 1 billion people safer by 2025. They are also working with the Red Cross on a unique initiative in Kenya to prevent fire deaths.

In their own words “Every new product innovation from Halo Smart Labs is subjected to one simple, but profound question: will this save lives?  Only when the answer is yes does it move forward to production. This singular focus on saving lives led us to produce the world’s safest, smartest smoke alarms: Halo and Halo+  It’s this focus that ensures we will deliver on our mission – to make the environment in, and around, every home in the world safer.”

Halo will be available for $99 and the Halo plus runs for a $129. To protect your home, business, and your loved ones look for the perfect Halo for you at Lowes, Amazon, and halosmartlabs.com.