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Since 2008, the Foundation has provided a forum for collaboration with open-source software and hardware. They are best known for their credit-card sized open-hardware computers perfect for machine control by hobbyists and professional developers.

We spoke with BeagleBoard’s co-founder, Jason Kridner, in the middle of CES to learn more. When asked what a BeagleBoard is he responded saying that they are “affordable computers for electronics, Internet connectivity, Linux and robotics from learning to designing your own product.” BeagleBoard provides education in open-source software and hardware as well as promotes its use and design.

BeagleBoards are best used by people who are just starting to learn how to use electronics. It helps people understand the Internet of things and its products like OpenSprinkler Beagle, as well as robotics projects. Everything from massive art displays to miniature CNC mills have used BeagleBones, their most popular line of open source designs.

The co-founder Jason Kridner says they’ve even changed the industry. According to Kridner, “Everyone in the semiconductor industry is trying to duplicate our success in getting people to try out their devices. Numerous low-cost Linux computers have been offered to hobbyists, but no one has matched our openness, ease of use, professional ecosystem or ability to handle hard-real-time tasks needed in systems like machine control.” People have created incredible projects with BeagleBoard’s open-source hardware, like underwater exploration vehicles, using Linux and open source software.

As they say on their website: “ is the result of an effort by a collection of passionate individuals, including several employees of Texas Instruments, interested in creating powerful, open, and embedded devices. We invite you to participate and become part of, defining its direction.”

If you want to create your own project or get inspired, head to today.