Rem-FIT – Not All Sleep Is Equal | NewsWatch Review

Last month was the 2016 consumer electronics show and it was amazing. Thousands of exhibitors showing off the technology that will shape the rest of 2016.  Now our last two episodes were all about the show, but I have one exhibitor that I wanted to share with you.  Now, from fully-charged powerbanks to the right walking shoes, we like to consider ourselves prepared for CES. But one thing that we always forget to plan for is the lack of sleep. So, naturally, when we came across REM-Fit, we wanted to check out how they’re improving sleep with their new non-wearable sleep tracking devices.

“You lay it on your mattress between your mattress and your sheet and it’s going to measure your heart rate [and] your respiratory rate and then give you a score based on the quality of your sleep. The REM-Fit smart pillow is an active participant in your sleep, and here’s what I mean by that; there’s a couple cool components inside of it! First, there’s bluetooth speakers inside of it, so you can listen to music at night without disturbing your sleep partner. Now, when you’re done listening to music it will start analyzing your sleep. So, the tossing and turning that you do, it’ll start seeing what stage of sleep that you’re in.”

“The mattress component is all about giving you as much information as possible to the quality of your sleep. The smart pillow though, can be a little bit more, in effecting your sleep. In the sense that it can listen for the snoring and the vibrate to help wake you up or have you adjust your sleep position when you’re snoring. So, that’s more of an effect on sleep but both things give you a lot of information on how well you’re sleeping so you can make better decisions on what you do during the day so you get the most out of your sleep at night.”

“REM-Fit products are all about recovery. The more recuperative your sleep is, the more active you can be during the day.”

“Not all sleep is equal, so if you want to learn about REM-Fit’s sleep trackers you can head to today.”