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There are so many different ways to listen to music these days, but most options sacrifice quality for quantity. And because music and audio are an art form, they should be treated as such and enjoyed in the best way possible.  Enter The Explorer by Echobox Audio.

This hi-res music streaming player is bringing some real competition to the audio game, challenging your smartphone or any other device you use to stream music. The listening experience from the Explorer is on the same level as audio you might hear in a professional recording studio. It’s Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to stream from any platform, but they have an exclusive partnership with Tidal music.  Plus, anyone who buys an Explorer gets a free 3-month Tidal subscription. And if you don’t want to use The Explorer’s predetermined interface, you can use your own because The Explorer runs on an open-source Android operating platform. Beyond that it’s a slick looking device with a wood body and form-fitting curved shape that fits in your hand and pocket comfortably. It’s available in black walnut, maple, mahogany, and cherry finishes and is powered by Texas Instruments. And as a bonus it houses a larger battery than most smartphones – so no worrying about it dying mid song. The Explorer has even more great features like:

  • A powerful amplifier
  • A professional grade DAC
  • An incredible immersive, lifelike sound
  • Made from real wood
  • Made of machined aluminum
  • A great ergonomic design
  • And it fits hands & pockets perfectly

According to their website: “Listening to high fidelity music through a smartphone is a compromise. The majority of the circuitry and components are dedicated to a highest quality sound as possible, whilst only the minority of those are for audio processing in a powerful and versatile smartphone.”

You can pick up the Explorer for $499.99 at

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