Gismart – Real Guitar Instrumental App | NewsWatch Review


If you’re interested in music, you’ve probably spent some time browsing through apps trying to find one that will give you the true musical instrument experience. Well look no further than Gismart.

There are a number of Gismart real instrument apps on the market, including piano, ukulele, xylophone, metronome, and drums, and they just updated their first app, Real Guitar, with an entirely new design. With its user-friendly interface and realistic sound, Gismart Real Guitar is the closest simulation of a real instrument you’re going to find. You start by selecting from one of the four guitars, then you’re ready to start strumming and plucking like you would do on the real thing. You record the music you play and save it to your gallery. And if you’re still in the process of learning guitar, there’s a cord library to help you learn cords. So whether you’re trying to simulate a real guitar or trying to learn to play one, Gismart is the perfect app.

According to their website you can “become a real PRO even if you never touched the instrument before. Enjoy our expanded chords library and learn new melodies. Different levels for beginners and advanced musicians.”

Now, there are two different versions of it. The free version with ads comes with 5 cords, while the $1.99 paid version is ad free and comes with 5 additional cords for a total of 10. Gismart Real Guitar is available for iOS and Android devices. Search for “real guitar” in the app store, Google play store, or go to today to download it.

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