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Now, engaging kids in the classroom can be a particularly difficult task. But what if we combined learning with something kids enjoy, like gaming? PaGamO is a unique learning app that allows kids to study any subject while competing in a game based on the principles of classic board matches like Risk and Settlers of Catan.

All the child does is click on a hexagon to occupy a new territory. A question will pop up. By answering correctly they expand their territory! While playing, they repeat class materials and finish assignments! The game keeps their motivation up and rewards you accordingly!

PaGamO encourages kids to build their own kingdom of knowledge, wealth, and land by answering questions and solving quizzes. All the core subjects like math and spelling are covered, as well as general knowledge and pop culture. Different versions of the game exist for all levels of schooling. Now it can be used independently by students at home but can also be used by teachers in the classroom. Teachers can create their own content and questions tailored to their students. They can even send assignments right through the app, track students’ progress, and it even offers the opportunity to hold competitions on the platform. Now it is a game so there is a ranking system to keep it competitive as well as a messaging system so kids can communicate with each other. They can even include pictures, video and audio files in your questions – make it as interactive as you like! Any subject in any grade can be taught through our PaGamO platform.

PaGamO is free for iOS and Android devices or through the web. For more information, head to

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