Pet & Tie App – A Pet Social Media Platform | NewsWatch Review


You may love your significant other, but there’s no type of love like the one you have for your pet. And you’re not alone. That’s where Pet & Tie comes in.

Pet & Tie is the most complete social media platform for pets. It is a community where pet lovers connect. Like other social media apps, you can post pictures and comments. But what makes this app unique is that it’s a one stop shop to find everything pet-related. Want to find friends or dates for your pet?  Check Pet & Tie.  Looking to schedule a playdate or find pet friendly places to hang out? Yep, that’s there too. There’s even a feature for you to find free – yes, free, pet sitters. Now, Pet & Tie also cares about the safety of your pet. So in the unfortunate situation that your pet goes missing, you can immediately send an alert to all nearby users and friends on other social media websites.  It’s really a community for people and pets to connect, while saving you money and time. And if you don’t have a pet but want one, Pet & Tie has a feature where you can find pets for adoption. Other great features include a place to find hospitals, vets, and clinics, make appointments, find pet owner events, find pet friendly hotels and vacation spots, tag your pets on other social media platforms, find pet friendly restaurants, and even get a license for your pet through the site.

Pet & Tie is available for free on iOS and Android devices. Head to to learn more today.

Unfortunately, NewsWatch doesn’t have an official pet (despite the ongoing petition for a NewsWatch teacup pig) so we aren’t on Pet & Tie (yet, ehem) but we are on other social media sites and you should follow us on Twitter.