Findo – Cross Platform Info Finder | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever had trouble finding a document you know you had in an e-mail or Dropbox at some point? You search for hours only to turn up empty-handed? Well if that sounds like you then check out Findo.

Findo is a smart search assistant that scours your cloud servers, notebooks, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Slack and more, all from one place. But this isn’t just a simple search engine that only looks for one keyword. Instead Findo understands human language. For example, you can search for whole concepts like “The presentation from the guy in Boston I met three months ago” or “My ticket to San Diego from United.” You don’t even need to remember the name of the file or specific keyword. And it seconds as a collaborative tool. @findo bots allow you to work in a group more effectively. Let’s say you’re on Skype and need to find information. Findo will locate it for you without you ever having to leave the app, the file is delivered right into the messenger. It works the same way with Slack, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Their website even points out another use; “Your boss has a meeting with a client and needs to access a contract that is in a folder in one of your email accounts or Dropbox or Google Drive? You can’t afford to make a mistake. Findo will find that contract in seconds and will allow you to share it without having to switch between applications. Have a better professional image. Timing is everything.”

Findo is compatible with iOS devices. Go to the App Store and search for “Findo” to download it for free or head to today.

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