FineScanner – Mobile Document Scanner | NewsWatch Review


We have a particular obsession with life hacks here at NewsWatch. And here’s our awesome new find. It’s called FineScanner.

It helps you digitize anything you want: receipts, invoices, contracts, articles, recipes, whiteboards or books. Made by ABBYY, a market leader in document capture, FineScanner is a genius app that completely replaces your desktop scanner.  It quickly captures any documents and creates perfect digital copies in JPG or PDF optimized for reading and printing. Applying ABBYY’s best optical character recognition technology to the scan, the app recognizes printed text in 193 languages with unprecedented accuracy, allowing you to edit anything you need.  FineScanner is the only mobile scanner that not only turns the image into text, but into a document like Microsoft Word, preserving the original formatting. You can save your scans in the built-in storage, share them, or upload them to the cloud in any of the 12 available formats.

“Scan any printed or hand-written papers, create perfect digital copies and save them to JPEG or PDF documents.”

“BookScan – unique feature for digitizing books quickly and easily. It splits facing book pages into two separate images, removes any defects, and straightens curved text lines.”

FineScanner is free to download for $4.99 a month or a $19.99 a year premium subscription with a 7-day free trial. It’s available for both iOS (Working with the app has become even more effective and faster thanks to the new iMessage and Today Widget features from Apple iOS 10.) and Android devices. So head to the App Store or Google Play and download FineScanner today.

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