In-Telligent – Emergency Alert System | NewsWatch Review


Instrumental in the capture of the New York Bomber, the Federal Emergency Alert System demonstrated the importance of being able to send a message that overrides smartphone’s notification settings. Though undeniably useful, its use exposed some of the system’s significant shortcomings. These messages, like AMBER alerts sent over the same system, are limited to only 90 characters, they can only be sent in English, and photos and videos can’t be sent at all. In-telligent shatters these limitations, adding the ability to include images and video, as well as extended messages with potentially life-saving details.

No other platform gives you this advantage. Statistically, only 25-50% of text messages are read within 5 minutes of being received.  Email and social media channels are even less effective due to cluttered inboxes and scattered media feeds that prevent us from noticing vital messages. In contrast, 100% of Life Safety and Critical Alerts sent through In-telligent are read immediately. In-telligent was created to inform you of events happening in your community and keep you safer.

“Using Geolocation and manual selection, you’ll immediately be informed of relevant announcements as they are happening in the communities you care about. In designing the In-telligent™ platform, we’ve ensured that there is always 2-way communication between you and the communities you’re a part of.”

To learn more, head on over to their website at today. Or just download the app for iOS or Android.

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