KleptoCats – Fun Kitty Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


If you love cats and addictive mobile games, then you’ll definitely love KleptoCats. KleptoCats is exactly what it sounds like – cats that obsessively steal things.

Developed by HyperBeard Games, a studio that focuses on fun and quirky little games, KleptoCats is super simple but fun to play. Send your cats out to steal stuff from around the neighborhood. And they can’t keep their paws off anything, so you’ll soon find your room filled with items. As you continue collecting cats – we’re talking about hundreds of cats here – you can dress them in tons of cute ways. Progressing through the game you will unlock more and more rooms to fill. As a bonus, you’ll also discover strange items that seem to hint at the origins of the KleptoCats. It’s a fun mystery which has built up a bit of a cult following online. But the best thing about this game is you can play it in short spurts of 5 to 30 seconds and still have a lot of fun, making it a great “idle” game for casual gamers.

KleptoCats is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download it for free by searching for “KleptoCats” in the Google Play or App Store today or by going to kleptocats.com.

Not enough KleptoCats in the game for you? The wait is finally over!The KleptoCats plushie is here! If you want to get a really cute plushie, go the link and buy it there. But be fast, because there is a limited supply. First 100 orders get a special surprise!

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