Moiety App – Schedule Sharing With Ease | NewsWatch Review


Are you having trouble co-parenting? Do you need an easier way to communicate with your co-workers? Check out the scheduling app Moiety.

Moiety brings sanity to scheduling. Take a complicated calendar and create and customize events. These events can be shared with an unlimited number of calendar groups or what are called crews. Once you share and invite someone to the crew they can see everything you see putting you on the same page. They’ll see alerts and event status updates including who’s attending, who’s not and who hasn’t responded yet. All these events are created on one simple, clean page. There’s no longer a need for those unnecessary texts, e-mails and phone calls. But don’t worry – your crew will only see what you want them to see. So you can keep your personal events personal. Take a deep breath, parents. And if you’re not a parent you can easily see the application to work. Have a complicated project with numerous co-workers involved? Moiety has got you covered. Basically, no matter who you are, you need a little help with your calendar in this day and age. Your time is precious and you need to use it all wisely.

You can download the convenient app for free on iOS devices. Head to the App Store and search for “Moiety” to download it for free today. 

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