Are You There Yet – Safe Travels App | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever visited loved ones during the holidays and as you’re getting ready to leave they say something like, “Text me when you get home so that I know you arrived safely”? Well, now you can give your loved ones peace of mind with the Are You There Yet app.

Are You There Yet allows the user to input a journey with a timed travel estimation. In other words, how long it’ll take until they arrive at their destination. If the user fails to arrive at their destination in the allotted time frame, their emergency contacts are alerted through text or e-mail.  In this way, they can track them down to find out if anything is wrong. The app can be set for short or long journeys or even locations along the route to their final arrival spot.  For added security there’s an alarm clock function in case the user is unable to get to their phone. This will alert anyone nearby that something’s wrong.

There is also a great application here for new teen drivers. Parents can use the app to ensure that their new driver gets to their destination safely even if the teen doesn’t remember to text their parents as soon as they get wherever they are going.

Are You There Yet is available on Android devices. Search for “Are You There Yet” in the Google Play store today.  Are You There Yet is available on Android devices for $1.99. Search for “Are You There Yet” in the Google Play store today.

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