Fyuse – Mobile 3D Images | NewsWatch Review


Written & Edited By: Andrew Tropeano

Every year our phones seem to get smarter and smarter with apps developed to take full advantage of the newest technological advances.  Fyuse is doing just that as it sits on the front lines of innovation.

Fyuse is a spatial photography app that allows you to capture 3D images. At first glance you might think the app is just capturing photos or videos, but it’s creating an entirely new visual format. By capturing space, not time, you’re able to view the image from multiple angles by simply tilting your phone or by swiping the screen. You can tilt at your own pace allowing you to feel like you’re actually there.  Fyuse brings the image to life creating an immersive experience that can be shared right through the app or embedded or shared on social media platforms, e-mails, or texts.  You can even find similar content to a fyuse you’re viewing by accessing a feature they call ‘Visual Find’. With over 10 million users, Fyuse is the next big thing in advanced imagery.

You can download it on iOS or Android devices for free by searching for “Fyuse” in the Google Play or App Store today.

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