Bad Decisions – Hilarious Card Game and App | NewsWatch Review


We’ve all made bad decisions in our lives, some worse than others. Now it’s time to celebrate our foolish “decision making” with the new party game aptly titled Bad Decisions.

Designed to be played by 3 or more people, Bad Decisions is quite simple. You’ll play with a combination of Fool, Crisis, and Bad Decision cards. In other words, you’re dealing with fools in crisis situations making bad decisions. The first player, known as the Bard, draws  a Story card and fills the first two blanks with their own cards. Everyone else fills the last blank with their cards. The funniest or most ludicrous card is chosen by the Bard to create the punchline. The game, for ages 13 and up, can be played as a more PG version by removing the racier cards, marked with a red R. Bad Decisions is running a Kickstarter campaign until mid-February for the first expansion pack. They’re also gearing up for the launch of their new app that’ll allow players to make Bad Decisions anywhere, anytime. That cross-platform app debuts at the Game Developers Conference 2017.

Looking for more fun? “Although custom sets are a limited run, we’re also producing a set of blank cards. With the white space on the card fronts entirely un-sullied by text, these sets of 33 blanks (in the same proportions as the custom set) give you the chance to write in whatever you want, even if it’s only funny to you. In addition to the cards, these blank sets come with stickers! Specifically, the stickers will go onto the story cards to give you the graphical “Fool,” “Crisis,” and “Bad Decision” blanks as they appear on our printed ones.”

Head to to purchase your game today.

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