The Final Specimen – Take a Trip Back to the 90s with an Out-of-this-World Game | NewsWatch Review


Do you long for games like those of the early 90s that actually offered a challenge while at the same time were full of color and humor?

Then check out The Final Specimen on Steam.

The Final Specimen is the brainchild of…well, the brain of a child. Tom conceptualized this game back when he was a kid and once he reached adulthood he was able to bring it to fruition.

The Final Specimen is a 2D Sci-Fi adventure game in the style of classic platformers in the early 90s. It’s a game unlike any other as each level has a life of its own and each of its enemies, a personality. From grassy terrain to mountainous grounds or aquatic treks to mechanical themes, you’ll find yourself on quite the adventure.

The Final Specimen is packed with whimsical gameplay and settings with eccentric characters popping up along your journey.

Humor is a mainstay here making the game even more engaging. You can rope swing, grapple with hooks and never face a shortage in tools to aid you in progress.

The story begins with Tom being transported to a distant planet where he’s now the alien. You’ll face assault from the world’s inhabitants and discover that Tom’s arrival was no coincidence.

Tom must then set off on a mission to prevent total destruction of the planet and prevent his own planet, Earth, from being conquered by a nefarious alien mastermind. You are the only human who has the power to prevent the alien invasion! With the culmination of years of alien experimentation, you remain THE FINAL SPECIMEN.

You can start playing The Final Specimen through Steam today and make sure to visit their website at