Postal Paws – 2D Retro Racing Game | NewsWatch Review


We make it our mission to bring you the best time-killing mobile games out there.
And with that said, check out Postal Paws.

Postal Paws is a 2D racing game that features challenging courses, daily missions, and rewards with awesome retro artwork and graphics.

Before you hit the race track you pick your character.

You can either play as a puppo or as part of the Catnip Collective. The fours puppos are Gyoza Eva, Chopper and Toby. The four cats are Mao, Slinky, Cannoli and Muffin.

Each has their own set of skill so you want to think about that when choosing your character. What’s your gaming style?

You’ll have 60 seconds to complete each race. But remember it’s not just about getting to the finish line.

You want to complete all course objectives so you can win a hefty reward.

Deliver packages as fast as you can, collect Paw Tokens for cash, and beat the other racers.

The artwork has a retro 80s flare that’s unlike anything else out there and only adds to the game’s enjoyment.

You can snag Postal Paws for free on iOS and Android devices. Head to the App or Google Play store to download today. You can also visit their website at today.