OnePulse – Simple Market Research at Your Fingertips | NewsWatch Review


Companies spend millions of dollars each year to make sure they’re meeting customer needs and expectations. Altogether, they’re spending $40 billion on market research alone, but this doesn’t have to be so costly. OnePulse is a tool for companies to understand people’s preferences with unprecedented ease.

OnePulse is an entirely new way to engage and bring thousands of customers into your business. It’s also specifically designed for clients to easily access and use the app whenever they need to.

You simply go to their website, register your company details, and go into the dashboard. From the dashboard, you select a panel or an audience that you want to speak to, you ask up to 3 questions as they have several different answer types, send them out and then watch all the results come in in real time.

The benefits for OnePulse’s consumers are 3 key things:

  1. Share your opinion on any topic that matters to you
  2. Learning new things as it’s an ideal way to stay on top of the news and staying informed on what’s going on in the world
  3. Get rewarded with micro payments as you can earn up to 20 cents for answering a pulse

OnePulse will usually get their users for market research by user acquisition for social media, but often times is by word of mouth. Usually, this happens because once you get involved, it’s fun and similar to a gaming app. You can find out about news and stay in-the-know with current events. This usually causes a ripple effect and leads others to want to join the fun and spread the word on OnePulse.

If you’d like to learn more about OnePulse, head to or search for “OnePulse” in your App Store today.