Bacterial Takeover – Takeover the World in this Fun Clicker Game | NewsWatch Review


I think we do a pretty good job here at NewsWatch staying on the cutting edge of mobile gaming. We like to keep our eye out for fun and engaging games that we think you’d love. This next one is no exception.

Bacterial Takeover is a fun clicker game where the goal is to research and produce a large number of bacteria in order to take over the world and then the universe. Once you’ve collected some bacteria you can buy additional colonies which will increase bacteria production even more and you still get extra bacteria when tapping.

The further you advance in the game, the larger the colonies you’re able to buy, and more research options unlock. Once you’ve destroyed 8 planets you’ll have unlocked the power to buy whole colonized planets.

Now it’s all about making the right moves to increase bacteria exponentially. The research section of the app allows you to evolve and mutate new bacteria. They will become more powerful, resistant – just what you need for Bacterial Takeover. You earn new research types when you destroy a planet. Who thought you could have so much fun building bacteria armies?

You can download Bacterial Takeover for free through the Google Play Store or AppStore today.