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By: Guy Tal Hauser

Things are really heating up at CES 2018. NewsWatch has been on the ground all week reporting on the newest and latest. One of the major announcements to come out of the Vegas convention is Samsung’s reveal that they would be unveiling the Samsung S9 and S9+ in February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

President of Samsung’s mobile business division, DJ Koh, made the announcement during a press conference at CES. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time the tech giant unveiled their flagship smartphone at MWC so it’s not completely unexpected. Though some were let down as there were rumors flying around that Samsung would be unveiling the phone at CES.

We haven’t heard much about the design or what we can expect to see in the S9. Of course like any other major smartphone including the iPhone, there have been leaked, unverified images and renders that suggest it won’t stray too far from the S8. That of course would make sense as the previous phone was a success with users and critics.

Some sort of souped-up face detection feature shouldn’t be out of the question as a direct competition to the iPhone X’s Face ID. But that’s just speculation that will remain speculation until MWC.

In the same press conference, Koh revealed that they plan to launch their already-announced foldable phone in 2019. This seemingly retro-inspired product was originally expected to launch this year.

So while we wait for that we can expect the always-expected annual phone. MWC runs from February 26-March 1 in Barcelona, Spain. We’ll probably see other mobile companies like LG, Motorola and Huawei at the show as in years past but I predict Samsung is going to steal the spotlight.

Well here’s to batteries that don’t explode! Just playing. That’s getting old.

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