By: Nick Gambino

Who says Snapchat doesn’t play well with others? The popular social media app has added the ability for users to share their Stories on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

The smart move is an effort to bring in new users at a time when Snapchat is having a rough go of it. After going public just under a year ago, the company has seen a declining stock price and stagnant growth.

By bringing in non-users by allowing them to see Snap content, they might be able to turn things around and stop allowing Instagram the upper hand.

You might remember Instagram pretty much stole the Stories feature and integrated it into their own app, not to mention the disappearing message feature, effectively turning the Snapchat one-of-a-kind gimmick into “just another social media app.”

Once the updated feature hits Snapchat in your area, you’ll see an option to share Stories when you navigate to “Discover” in the app. Press and hold down on a Story tile to reveal the sharing option. You’ll then get a link that you can share on Facebook, Twitter or even e-mail and text.

Snapchat is providing a way to view the content through when someone clicks on the link. Slick move, Snap. That way users are brought right to their landing page without so much as a struggle.

Now the option to share isn’t available for all Stories. It will work with Our Stories, Official Stories and Search Stories. Official Stories will stay up for 24 hours while Our Stories and Search Stories will remain available to view for 30 days.

The sharing feature is sharing its rollout with a recent redesign of the app intended to keep it relevant in the eyes of users and prospective users.

We’ll see if these recent major changes will help kick-start a new era of growth for the still-popular social media app.


Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.