Onata – Providing Quality Service on Demand | NewsWatch Review


As we age and go through the various stages of life, we use an ever-revolving door of services. And unfortunately, there’s not one comprehensive platform that contains all the services we need. Well, that is until we checked out Onata.

The ecosystem itself is a new idea.  Hosting all the services that were available in the universe that way its unique, like when you wake up and you go to any service that you want, and you see what can be provided by Onata and then Onata can provide any service on demand. Or it can schedule a service for you. If you want to build a house it’s a bigger service and you can request a code and then negotiations, that is all provided.

The idea is to get all the services on demand in a jiffy.

When we take other apps and compare with our ecosystem, we’re not going to call it as an app.  We’re going to call it as an ecosystem.  From the morning you wake up to when you sleep, you can seek someone else’s service in the day and some other time. Maybe for your pet, child, or anything else.

So, comparing to other apps., maybe a self-servicing app, then you probably only do it once in a day.

Here you can seek more than one service, which means a lot of transaction services, which means a lot of money is going to be transacted, which means there is time for everyone if you want to invest with the owners or the providers and so on.

Right now, it’s self-funded by the founders and we are looking for venture capitalists for funding the next stage.

Find out more about Onata by visiting their website at onata.com