upgrade iphone X

By: Nick Gambino 

A recent survey sheds light on why 40% of users didn’t upgrade when the iPhone X hit shelves last year and the reasons are not surprising at all.

The survey comes from Piper Jaffray’s analyst Michael Olson via Apple 3.0. After surveying 1,500 “iPhoners” the conclusion was simple, “~40% have not upgraded to iPhone X because they either feel the device is too expensive (31%) or they prefer a larger screen (8%).”

This pretty much confirms what many have speculated – the iPhone X was way overpriced. Sure it featured tech unlike anything residing in previous iPhones but that’s not enough to justify a base price tag exceeding $1000. For some, living paycheck to paycheck, that might as well be a toe tag.

The iPhone X didn’t offer a “Plus” version seemingly because the display size was already bigger than any earlier Plus phone. I guess for 8% of those surveyed this still wasn’t enough. Though something tells me the 120 people who gave that answer, are not entirely aware of the X’s screen size.

Now, 44% said they never upgraded because their current iPhone works just fine. So they just weren’t looking for a drastic change in their phone design, a key selling point for the 10-year anniversary device.

Apple seems to have gotten the message with lower-than-expected sales over the holiday season. Strong rumors suggest they are discontinuing the X and are even considering removing the notch from future phones.

Overall, I’ve been happy with my iPhone X experience but if I have any complaint at all, it’s the notch. So news of its departure is fine by me. Apple seemed to think the little screen nuisance would become a signature part of their phones, much like the bitten apple in their logo.

The love hasn’t proven out as even 6 months later it still cuts out a portion of videos in some apps, including Netflix. “It seems that Apple is planning to implement full-screen that is more complete to its new iPhones,” ETNews reports. If that pans out, I’m sure it will be well received.

We probably won’t get any official announcement from Apple until WWDC which will most likely be in June.


Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.