Biopage – Social Network for Writers | NewsWatch Review


With the number of social media platforms out there, it’s rare that you find an app that offers something new.

Well, Biopage is a unique concept that allows people to get to know the real you. Biopage offers you space to write a bio containing up to 5000 characters. That way you can compose an insightful glimpse into who you are.

This is social networking for writers. A professionally written biography can mean success in your career, business development, or even your social life.

Now, after you’ve written your bio you can write up to 2 updates a day with stories as well as photos or videos. Biopage also offers a direct messaging feature for one-to-one communication or group chats.

You’ll have access to familiar social media features like making things public or private, following and unfollowing as well as creating your own interest groups. And conveniently the “My Social Media” page will provide links to all your social media pages like Facebook and Instagram allowing you to stay organized.

Biopage even provides a social media ID card with your own unique QR code that you can easily download and share.

You can download Biopage on Google Play or the App Store or head to today.