Pal – The App to Make Friends Around You and Meet New People | NewsWatch Review


Do you wish to create or expand your circle of friends? Is there an activity you’d love to do, but you find yourself doing it solo? Though you may have hundreds of online “friends,” how many of them do you personally interact with?

Luckily, an app called Pal has bridged the gap between finding activities you love and making friends.

If you’re intimidated about using this new app, there’s no need! It’s super easy and includes several fun features:

  • Pal feed – see what other people around you are up to
  • Create your activity – if you couldn’t find the right activity, create your own and let other people join
  • Search – if you’re bored and your friends don’t have time for you, search for people around you. Maybe meet for a drink or go running together!
  • Go local – are you over exploring other cities and sites alone? Find people who would love to show you their city!
  • Chat – get to talkin’ with new pals, groups, or within a group!
  • Pals – manage new friends and see who sent you a Pal request

Pal’s objective is to connect you with activities and people around you who share the same interests. But if you already have a group of friends interested in the same activity, you can build your group further and search together!

How do you do it?

Simply download the app, create a profile, post an activity, and invite others to join. Yep! It’s that easy. If you find an activity or someone you’re interested in getting to know, send over a request to join in!

However, if you choose to not post your own activity, you can browse around and see who’s doing what, when, and where.

What makes Pal different is that it allows you to set specific parameters to manage who can get in contact with you. This effort helps you to narrow down who you want to spend time with without being spammed by unwanted solicitors.

From filters that let you choose gender and age, Pal lets you manage the kind of people you wish to hang out with.

So, whether you’re the new person in town or you just want to expand your circle of friends, Pal is the app to facilitate that.

Ready to take the plunge? Download Pal on either your iOS or Android device today in the App or Google Play Store.