Age Of Magic – Turn-Based RPG Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


When it comes to someone who knows their RPGs, they will always tell you that in order for the game to be a success, the story should be fascinating and world immersive.

That’s exactly what you get with the brand-new Age of Magic.

This turn-based RPG fills the void of a mobile market that hasn’t totally embraced this unique style of gaming.

Set in a dying world, it’s raptured by creatures spread throughout the endless remnants, Age of Magic chronicles the journey of a Mage on his way to the Dark Tower.

Make your way across the remnants, collecting heroes and battling soulless monsters. There are over 70 heroes in all.

Heroes travel a world destroyed by a magical cataclysm, searching for the legendary Staff of Elements which grants the bearer total power.

With this, players will make their way across the remnants, collecting heroes and battling merciless monsters.

A few mortals are able to fight the demons and those who have enough powers are so-called True Mages. They are the successors to the ancient might of the dragons.

While the newly collected characters possess power and strength, they’ll have their hands full with hordes of demons who seek to extinguish the last rays of light, conquer the remaining remnants, and turn them into blocks of lifeless, black rock.

You can download Age of Magic for iOS in the App Store today.