By: Nick Gambino

Instagram has doubled down on their Superzoom effect that first made an appearance last year. They’ve just added six more Superzooms for those looking to spice up their Stories beyond just employing the now overused Boomerang.

Superzoom is a simple 3-second effect where the camera “zooms in” in a dramatic fashion accompanied by music/sound effects and some other filtered video effects. It was added in October 2017 with only 4 effects to choose from.

Let’s go over the six new effects so you can plan your week’s posts properly:

Hearts – This one is a pinkish haze filled with floating hearts and set to cheesy music reminiscent of 70s/80s baby-making tunes.

Paparazzi – The closest most of us will come to feeling like a star on the red carpet (or a star just grabbing dinner) is the Paparazzi effect. This one includes a flashing effect, a la camera flashes, complete with the shutter sound effect.

Fire – Roaring flames surround the subject with a heavy metal guitar riff scoring the dramatic Superzoom.

Nope – This is your ultimate diss effect, a red X stamps on the screen clearly saying, “I’m not having none of this.” (Three finger snaps in a Z formation not included.)

Bummer – For the emo in you, this melancholy effect sees a dull-colored video with falling ashy gray leaves set to “feel sorry for me” piano music.

Surprise – The least impressive of the bunch, this is simply a “caught you” effect that results in an almost newspaper quality freeze frame.

For those of you who’ve yet to discover year-old Superzooms, here are the ones that have been around since last October.

TV Show – This reminds me of the zoom-in pink vignette effect you might find on the Dating Game back in the day or other cheesy 80s TV shows.

Beats – Step into the club without having to leave your living room. This Superzoom is a constant zoom-in/zoom-out that keeps pace with the thumping beat.

Dramatic – Probably the most classic, Dramatic is the ultimate Soap Opera triple zoom accompanied by dun-dun-dun music.

Bounce – This comedic bounce in and out is accompanied by an old-school boing sound effect.

So, there you have it, more ways to keep your posts interesting. Happy Instagramming!


Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.